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The slender stems of the birch trees reflect the colour of the rising sun on this Winter morning. The grass and shrubs in front of them are covered in frost crystals. Get up early one morning and let your heart soar with nature’s magic.

Order No. 49


In Winter, when all life has gone out of the plant, the clingy heads of the burdock still have a certain beauty and fascination. Just because the green is gone it does not mean new life is not waiting deep in the ground

to burst forth in Spring.

Order No. 7


Ice crystals have transformed this little branch and leaves into a fairy’s wand. Just imagine that every crystal grants a wish and, like a child, believe in the magic, then do what you can to make your wish come true and the magical universe will help you on the way to the fulfilment of your dreams.

Order No. 48


A Winter flowering cherry brings light to a grey time of year despite cold winds and snow. Why wait until conditions are right? Start flourishing right now and step by step your branches will soon be covered in blooms inspiring the world around you.

Order No. 14


In Winter the waterlily house at Kew Gardens is closed to give those gorgeous beauties a break. Just like waterlilies and many other plants, us humans need enough rest to be able to come to flower and enrich the world around us.

Order No. 8


This oak tree in Upshire has grown into a loving shape. Let it be a symbol for nature’s strength and love which reside in all of us, even if not always visible.

Order No. 17


This is George, the resident peacock at Kew Gardens, dazzling us with his beautiful display. In Autumn he loses his tail feathers and his splendour until his feathers grow back by Summer. If you feel that you have lost all your splendour, don’t give up. You will shine again soon.

Order No. 36


Despite the bitter cold these tough and at the same time delicate little flowers will push through the snow. No matter how delicate and vulnerable you feel, it does not exclude the toughness of courage and determination to flourish and say ‘No’ to the frost that is trying to stop you.

Order No. 31


Hellebores come in many different colours and flower at the coldest time of year. Their graceful appearance belies their sturdy nature. Outer beauty is no indication of inner resilience or delicacy. It is simply in the eye of the beholder.

Order No. 32

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