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Beyond Beading

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  • All the crystal gemstone trees and flowers are hand made to complement the fairy going with them.
  • Materials used are bare copper wire, a variety of gemstone chips, Czech crystals and glass leaves. The copper wire starts out shiny, but as a tree ages, the copper will turn into a warm, natural brown shade.
  • I source the rocks (mainly flint) on my travels in the English countryside, clean and varnish them, ready to take the 'roots' of the trees and the fairies.
  • As the fairies are collectibles and I did not want to damage them, they are held on with a non damaging adhesive tack.

Click on the button to go to the photo gallery, where in the album 'Trees and Fairies' you can find pictures, description and prices of individual fairies.

At present purchases have to be collected as I have no means of sending the items by post.


A moonstone and cherry quartz gemstone bonsai tree

made as a commission.

My largest so far ...

If you would like to purchase an item or have a closer look,

please get in touch.