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Beyond Beading

Jewellery - Workshops & Private Tuition - Photography

     A Creative Oasis

Payment by Paypal (see button at foot of workshop) or drop in cash to

124 Farnan Avenue

For more info email Birgit orTatiana on [email protected]

An Offspring of Beyond Beading

Perfect Pictures For Your Website


Venue: 124 Farnan Avenue, London E17 4NH

Learn how to take and manipulate photographs for your website or advertisements.

In this workshop you will learn how to take professional looking photographs of your products with a minimum of expense and equipment. You will be shown how to download a free photo manipulation programme from the internet and how to use it.

By the end of the workshop you will know about:

  • Setting up a home photo studio on a shoestring
  • Direct and diffused lighting
  • Minimising reflections
  • Suitable backgrounds
  • Positioning the product
  • Shooting from different angles
  • A touch of portrait photography
  • Manipulating photos by computer

Bring a laptop and a digital camera.

(If you need to borrow one or the other let us know and we may be able to help)

At the end of the workshop you will receive some freebies which will help you to set up your studio and take professional pictures as soon as you return home. You will also be taking home an extensive handout to refer to if necessary.

Design Your Own Free Website


Venue: 124 Farnan Avenue, London E17 4NH

The workshop covers the techniques needed to create a FREE professional looking website and is designed for novices who have always wanted to build a site but lack the skills or knowledge.

To set up your fully working website during this session you will learn how to:-

  • create a web page and domain name
  • use a web editor
  • create links and images for your site
  • publish your website online

You will also receive a comprehensive handout which will help you maintain your website, as well as help via phone and email after the workshop if needed.

Bring a laptop! If you don’t have one, talk to us.

Further instructions will be sent with your booking confirmation.