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Winter & Christmas

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A delightful patch of bluebells lifting the spirit after the long winter months and promising a sunny, colourful Spring. Let your eyes bathe in this sea of blue and your ears enjoy the songs of the birds in the trees.

Simple pleasures to soothe the mind and stir your soul.

Order No. 5


When the morning sun warms the earth and brings back the light, nature awakens from its nightly slumber and life stirs in all living things. Grab those moments in the sun and feel vibrancy return to your being.

Order No. 53


Each little drop on last year’s grass will fall and soak the earth with life-giving water so that new grass will grow in Spring and the cycle of life can start all over again. Even a dry stalk of grass still has a purpose.

Order No. 54


A daily mini retreat in nature, like sitting on the bench under this cherry tree, being showered with petals and breathing deeply, can clear your mind and replenish your soul. It creates a calm space from where you can see your way forward.

Order No. 40


Early in the year bees buzz around the big blooms of the camellia bush, diving deep down into the middle of the flowers to collect the pollen. When you encounter big opportunities, dive right in and make the most of it to give your prosperous future a great start.

Order No. 56


The chough swiftly glides over the land in search of another morsel dropped by visitors to the mountain. When you reach your peak, you have a bird’s eye view of your achievements and the memory of those who helped you get there, for we need to work together to make it possible.

Order No. 51


Dreaming of Summer, lying on the warm ground amongst vibrant flowers, listening to birdsong. Who cares that it is only a daydream if it makes you feel soooo much better?

Order No. 6


Like the seeds of the dandelion that scatter easily with the slightest breeze, may your creative thoughts and ideas fall on fertile ground wherever you send them out into the world.

Order No. 82


In Winter the waterlily house at Kew Gardens is closed to give those gorgeous beauties a break. Just like waterlilies and many other plants, us humans need enough rest to be able to come to flower and enrich the world around us.

Order No. 8


The busy centre of a striking clematis flower makes sure that any insect coming close is dusted with pollen. If you keep your centre open, we can all benefit one another.

Order No. 84


The flower heads of these marguerites are turned towards the warming, nourishing sunlight to help feed the plant all the way down to the roots. Keep your mind turned towards the light in this world to strengthen your roots and feed your soul.

Order No. 12


Every dewdrop transforms a blade of grass into a magical light that radiates into its small universe. We have the capacity to spread the light within us out into our world. Behold the magic!

Order No. 13


Delicate cherry blossoms dancing on the branches after a Spring shower invite to dream of sunny days and soft petals. Take time to get out into nature, let the rain clear your mind and refresh your spirit.

Order No. 2


The language of flowers is different to ours. As they can’t speak, they find other ways to express themselves, like this one which has formed a heart in its middle. There are many ways to communicate. How many ways can you think of to say ‘I Love You’?

Order No. 22


When Spring bursts forth with a cornucopia of flowers, apple trees in full bloom and the most delicate of greens, your mind, body and spirit, too, may feel the vigour of the season and move forward with renewed force.Open your petals and prepare for plenty of fruit.

Order No. 24


These frilly blooms could easily compete with lilies and orchids, and there are so many different varieties, colours and shapes. If sometimes you think you don’t have a chance because of too much competition, just go and do it anyway. The world is a big place and you may just be the one to fill a gap.

Order No. 28


The delicate petals of these poppies seem to be softly and randomly shaped, every one of them unique yet fitting in with each other to complete the flower. Just like these petals, we are all unique, yet parts fitting together to make a whole. What greater design are you part of?

Order No. 86


Hellebores come in many different colours and flower at the coldest time of year. Their graceful appearance belies their sturdy nature. Outer beauty is no indication of inner resilience or delicacy. It is simply in the eye of the beholder.

Order No. 32


A declaration of love in shape and colour.

Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words.

Order No. 50


This is George, the resident peacock at Kew Gardens, dazzling us with his beautiful display. In Autumn he loses his tail feathers and his splendour until his feathers grow back by Summer. If you feel that you have lost all your splendour, don’t give up. You will shine again soon.

Order No. 36


The soft, beautifully shaped petals of this rose invite you to dream and feel comforted, soothed and uplifted. Just for the moment you become a small creature sitting in the centre of a pink universe.

Order No. 37


This common Cabbage White butterfly has his eye set on the sweet scented lavender flower and will not be deterred. When you focus on your goal and go for it, it does not matter whether you are a commoner or a king. What matters is the direction of your thoughts.

Order No. 103


The eyes of this silver-washed fritillary butterfly have the same colour and pattern as its wings. In our human eyes are written the patterns of our mind and the colours of our soul.

Order No. 104


These delicate rhododendron blossoms clustering like butterflies on a branch, look as if they are about to take to flight. Like blossoms in Spring, feel the energy of the sun, the lightness of your soul and get ready to fly.

Order No. 52

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