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Beyond Beading

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     A Creative Oasis

Photo Gallery

Trees & Fairies Trees & Fairies Cherry Blossom Tree The largest tree in the collection using rose quartz chips and clear crystals, with 100 strands of wire in tree trunk. Mounted on natural flint and paired with collectible Tulip Fairy. 20cm tall, 15cm wide. � 120 194304655 Cherry Blossom Tree Top view 194304654 Apple Blossom Tree Approx. 150 opaque Czech crystals and green peridot chips make up the tiny apple blossoms and approx. 100 little glass leaves give shelter to the collectible Apple Blossom Fairy sitting on the natural rock at the foot of the tree. 18cm tall, 11cm wide. � 100 194304656 Apple Blossom Tree Top view 194304657 Almond Blossom Tree This tree sports rose quartz, peridot chips, opaque Czech crystals and glass leaves with over 50 tiny acrylic almond blossom flowers. The collectible Almond Blossom Fairy comes running to greet you, skipping over the natural rock on which this tree 'grows'. 17cm tall, 10cm wide. � 90 194304658 Almond Blossom Tree Different angle. 194304659 Linden Tree Over 100 opaque and transparent heart shaped glass leaves give this Linden or Lime Tree its special charm. The honey jade linden blossom have fascinated the collectible Cicely Mary Barker Fairy sitting on the natural rock at the foot, reaching out for them. 20cm high, 12cm wide. �100 194304660 Linden Tree Side view 194304661 Cherry Quartz Tree Sheltering underneath this gorgeous cherry quartz tree is Cicely Mary Barker's Cherry Blossom Fairy, holding a bunch of flowers she just picked. The tree is in full bloom with delicate Czech crystal blossoms and rooted onto a natural rock. �75 194432123 Cherry Quartz Tree Back View 194432125 Marigold Flowers In the middle of a patch of marigold flowers sits the collectible Cicely Mary Barker Marigold Fairy on a natural rock. Glass flower shapes, tiny crystals and transparent glass leaves make up the marigolds. 8cm high, 9cm wide. �39 194304662 Marigold Flowers Back view 194304663 Dandelion Flowers The collectible Cicely Mary Barker Dandelion Fairy happily sits on the natural rock by the side of her dandelion patch. The dandelion flowers are made up with seed beads and moss agate crystal chips. 9cm high, 11cm wide. �39 194304664 Candituft Cicely Mary Barker's Candituft Fairy is sitting beside a patch of candituft flowers on a natural rock.The flowers are made up of Czech crystals and glass leaves. �39 194432124 Candituft Back View 194432126 Mountain Ash Rock This is my masterpiece and still under construction. The rock accommodates the Mountain Ash Fairy with a small mountain ash tree sheltering her. Towering above her is a tall pine tree and a small pine tree next to it. Flowers and leaves 'grow' out of various crevices of the rock and little crystals dotted all over make it sparkle magically. 194304665 Mountain Ash Rock Back view 194304666 Sleeping Beauty's Castle Incorporating an ornament from the Camelot Collection, I started adorning it with a porcelain and glass climbing rose. More flowers around the base are planned. 194304667 Bugs A collection of butterflies and dragonflies to go with the arrangements. �12 each, rocks not included. 194304668